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Why Give?

By giving you become part of the Cavalry and help us with our ongoing projects to help end the mistreatment of dogs.

Our projects include:

I Love Bali Dogs where our mission is to enhance the welfare of dogs in Bali by reducing the population through sterilization; to provide veterinary care to alleviate their suffering; and to empower the Balinese people to care for and take pride in their heritage dogs. Currently this program consists of 65 dogs under our care.

No Dog Left Behind is a program for people in the east end of New York who need temporary assistance to care for their dog.  This can range from financial relief due to change in employment status, housing assistance due to breed restrictions, or volunteers to walk your pup due to illness.

Our Journey Sanctuary in Bali, Indonesia is a home for the misunderstood and the dogs that had lost all hope.  There we have ten dogs that all got a second chance at life.  You can read more about their stories here.

Every donation or purchase you make helps these efforts and helps us to continue to grow and save more lives.

Our Pups

Make a Difference

We have many dogs in need of sponsors.  Our efforts in Bali are to end the dog meat trade and to put an end to the dog culling that is taking place there, but we cannot do it alone.

Your donations provide the food needed for all of the dogs along the route where the Bali dogs have temporary shelter as they await their forever homes. Each day, our Cavalry member, Franci,dutifully makes food for them and begins her route. Her and other member, Cori, have educated many of the locals and these families have now volunteered to provide shelter for many of the dogs and, in exchange we provide food and provisions for the dogs. Following is a list of the dogs along Franci’s route. If you are interested in sponsoring or adopting please let us know.

Sponsor a dog
Meet Francie

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had.

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

You can’t change a dogs past, but you can rewrite their future.

Join the Cavalry

Interested in becoming a part of the Cavalry? We’re always looking for volunteers and sponsors for events. Please contact us with your ideas about how you can help.

Join the Cavalry. Contact us about sponsorships, donations and volunteering.

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