February 28th marked GCC’s sterilization and vaccine day at Batu Bolong. What a day!
67 dogs & cats vaccinated for rabies
23 dogs & cats sterilized
We are so grateful to so many who helped make this day a success. It was touching to see the community come together.
Heartfelt thanks to the volunteers who helped do the morning feeding to entice the strays on the beach and then comforted those post surgery as they came out of local anesthesia.
Huge thanks to Sunset Vet who donated their time and tirelessly operated and vaccinated so many local animals. – from those who have donated to our rescue efforts, those of you who have volunteered your time, to Sunset Vet Bali, and to the dogs of this island who are a continuous inspiration and bring us all together.
Thank you to Dinas Peternakan Kabupaten Badung for providing the vaccines and Puskesmas for covering the health and safety.
Thank you to everyone who donated books or bought a used book to contribute to the costs.
Thank you to Katie Quinn of www.downtownbetty.com for her creative design in the Doggess shirts where every purchase goes to help with costs of future GCC projects.
And thank you to Heather Holt at www.heatherholt.com for her talented photography skills that captured the camaraderie of the day.

Because of all these caring people and the help of all those who have donated to the Cavalry, we were able to catch, vaccinate and sterilize almost all of the parking lot and beach dogs, but it’s certainly an ongoing challenge as so many dogs are dumped in this area.

For further info about joining the cavalry, please check out our shopping page where you can make a purchase that helps our rescue efforts and also view the dogs in our care and virtually sponsor or adopt one!