by Cori Nejedly

946955_10151670763027483_2028591832_nThe beautiful story of Boy, a sweet beach dog (who while escaping from a catcher and finding his way back to the wonderful beach guys that care for him), got a bad fracture in his front leg a few months ago.

The happy ending is made possible by the great help of our member and donator Kim Wood, and cooperation of Bawa, Dr Budi and Franci. All doing their best to help this dog and ensure his recovery and his happy future on the beach…

Thanks to BAWA for their generosity and for managing the pick up and transport of Boy. Also for the food and collars for the other beach dogs in that area.

Thank you Dr. Budi for being a constant supporter of ours and your over and above generosity.
And of course Kim Wood. Because of your warm heart and generosity not just Boy will have a better life but many of the Bali Dogs Francesca cares for will benefit from your amazing gift.

Because of the cooperation of a few, many will benefit. This is our commitment to the Street Dogs in BaliĀ ❤